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Design and Build
Lightscapes designs and installs landscape lighting.

In business since 1996, we strive to create dramatic vistas with the sophisticated understatement that our clients prefer.
Renowned for artistry in design, each illumination plan is created to fulfill the clients personalized vision as expressed in the landscape.

Our Aesthetic Guarantee

"The lighting isn't complete until the client says it is."

Lightscapes utilizes a staff of experts that include landscape architects, arborists, horticulturists, and electricians.

All of our designs utilize long-life, energy efficient LED fixtures.
Why Landscape Lighting?

The personal enjoyment of your property and its natural beauty is the most compelling reason for landscape lighting. It may be only a few moments after dinner, relaxing on the terrace, or strolling the drive, that brings a sense of appreciation and satisfaction that otherwise wouldn't have happened.

Landscape lighting provides the homeowner a fresh view of their property and a new appreciation of its natural beauty.

For example, uplighting can place a tree on center stage in a way that cannot happen during the day, because everything else can be left in darkness..

Our goal is to create dramatic vistas with the sophisticated understatement our clients prefer. We strive to create designs that fulfill your personalized vision as expressed in the landscape.

Other reasons for landscape lighting include:

  • entertaining
  • improving curb appeal
  • neighborhood identity
  • security and safety
  • adding to the value of your home and your pride in it

Light is a magnificent gift of nature to which every sunrise and sunset is testimony, as well as inspiration to recreate even a fragment of that magic.

Green glowing leaves appear as brilliant splashes of light amidst dramatic silhouettes of tree trunks and branches, reaching to the sky. How to achieve that magic is what landscape lighting is all about.

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